Sunday, January 13, 2008

33 Pressed Wildflowers (& Foliage) Photoshop Brushes

Pinceles Photoshop - 33 Efectos Flores del Campo

● Set de pinceles ya hechos con follaje (Ramaje) y flores (en su mayor parte del tipo usado en ramilletes) Incluye: Diversas flores del campo: Manzanilla, campanillas, margaritas, lavanda, brezo, fuschia, lobelia, lupino, mimosa, salvia, girasol, diente de león, etc. Se incluyen también flores con su tallo.

● A set of brushes made up of various wildflowers and foliage (mostly the kind used in bouquets). Most of this set is includes stems. Includes: apple blossom, bottlebrush, buttercup, coral bells, foliage, lavender, lace, heather, fuschia, lobelia, lupine, millionstar, mimosa, pasque, salvia, starburst, sunflower, texas bluebonnet, baby's breath, dandelion, etc. If you're looking for something without stems, check out the pressed garden flower set.

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